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BOSQUE (Por) "Beyond" Digipak CD


DM moved from nowhere to even more isolated places and created a new BOSQUE opus: “Beyond” follows down the paths walked by “Passage” and “Nowhere” but opens up new perspectives – not only when it comes to names. BOSQUE (port./span.: Forest, the forest with his legends as perception of the north) and DM lead us to a new journey in the deep of his world of thought. We leave the present world and process with a mystic and surreal journey. BOSQUE once again succeed in putting a mark of (Funeral) Doom, but this music-genre is too small to define the powerful essence of "Beyond". A unique sound, that creates an uncomparable atmosphere that drags and pushes the listener at the same time. BOSQUE calls the rain, sends us into a paradox of our own feelings only to finally open the gate to the otherworld.

The band sticks to the strictly analogue style of recording and thus the very natural sound is preserved. The fog created by the guitars on “Nowhere” clears a little bit, the choral style is more present: Here, “Beyond”, lies insight. An insight to emptiness and melancholy, but also aspiration and a subtle enchantment.

This is not for trend-followers, no worship of senseless dreamings, BOSQUE is the melancholy of souls turned into music.