Available releases:

MOSS 062 - CTENIZIDAE ".​.​.​Of Rotting Soil and Spine" 10"MLP

On September 15th internationally, Nebular Carcoma is proud to present a brand-new EP from Ctenizidae, ...Of Rotting Soil & Spine, on 10” vinyl format.

Since its ghastly public birth with the Xulgrem tape in 2018, the nameless entity behind Ctenizidae has remained single-mindedly focused on creating the harshest, most horrific noise-leaning black metal around. Indeed, to hear Ctenizidae’s works is to witness the systematic dismembering of black metal tropes, only to be reshaped (more like MISHAPED) into something far more disturbing.

Aptly titled, Ctenizidae’s latest ...Of Rotting Soil & Spine comprises six “songs” of vulgar dissection and red-eyed antagonism. With vocals utterly mangled into sheets of white-noise whisper and atonal riffs detuned into an eerily hummable buzz, the almost-laissez faire minimalism across this 19-minute EP almost faintly resembles “black metal,” but only after being left rotting in some outer-cosmos dungeon for many millennia. Wisely, Ctenizidae doesn’t overstay his welcome; his creations here are short, sharp, and shocked, and the listener is left stunned and bewildered, wondering how this could come from supposedly “human” hands.

Those who prize the outsider sounds of Bašmu, Flešš, and Lampir or especially progenitors WOLD and the myriad works of Black Legions founder Vordb are wholeheartedly encouraged to check out Ctenizidae and lose their mind to ...Of Rotting Soil & Spine.

CTENIZIDAE - "Evil Crawls from The Sinew of Decapitated Limbs"

MOSS 056 - BLOOD STRONGHOLD "Twilight Ceremonies" 7"EP

Nightwolf and Krew return with new lycanthropic offerings.

One new track and a cover of classic Polish horde Kohort.


BLOOD STRONGHOLD - "Lycanthropic Twilight Ceremonies (The Ritual of Lutyj Zvier': Part II)"

Sold out releases:

MOSS 063 - BORDA'S ROPE "Enthroned with the Vanished Oceanic Wealth" CS

Borda's Rope delivers a new demo tape of lo-fi and minimalistic Black Metal.

Pro tape limited to an undisclosed amount of copies.

Listen: BORDA'S ROPE - "His Vehement Majesty Who Lays Awake Eternally"

MOSS 060 - DURAZIS "Demo 2020" 12"LP

Raw Satanic Black Metal from the US.

Founded in 2008, and after some demos and splits with bands like Vetala, Black Aura, Voltaic Omen and Total Genocide, Durazis came back from the shadows last year again with Demo 2020.

Originally released by Parasyte Curse on a strictly limited tape edition, it's now reissued on classic black vinyl.

Listen: DURAZIS - "Levitating Incandescent Vapor"

MOSS 059 - REVENANT MARQUIS "Below the Landsker Line" CS

From the black waters of Wales, Revenant Marquis is back with a new album.

Below the Landsker Line includes 6 new tracks of raw but distant Black Metal with a malignant and ritualistic atmosphere.

One more step into the abyss...

Listen: REVENANT MARQUIS - "Under the Hand of the Master"

MOSS 058 - WINTER BLACKNESS "Odszczepienie W Czerniach Zimy" CS

Cold Black Metal from Poland with an ancestral feeling.

Includes one new and long track and a Lycia cover (feat. Nerium of Lord Wind on vocals)

Pro tape limited to 82 copies.

Listen: WINTER BLACKNESS - "Odszczepienie W Czerniach Zimy"

MOSS 057 - SANDWORM / NÄCHTLICH "Split" 7"ep

Raw and Unholy Black Metal from USA and Canada. Vinyl version of the spit tape previously released by Perished Soil.

Sandworm, brings us one of their rawest recordings to date, an abrasive and merciless assault of Raw Black Metal, while Nächtlich's track is in their typical, mystical mid-paced style, with a very punk-ish edge to it.

SANDWORM - "Vohn Treth Ra"
NÄCHTLICH - "Appalachian Star"

MOSS 055 - OES GALLIATH "Sous l'Oeil Fermé Des Paradis" 2 12"LP

French black metal mavericks Oes Galliath return after 10-year hiatus with their farewell album "Sous l'Oeil Fermé Des Paradis".

From nauseous black metal to sheer acoustic contemplation, psychedelic leads, and soaring arrangements, Oes Galliath's swansong is an act of defiance in itself. A ghastly testament of escapism from the industrial suburbs of Paris. A death letter to the ancient world. An ode to spiritual awakening and personal growth.

Listen: OES GALLIATH - "Gosse de Vide"

MOSS 054 - DAI-ICHI / LAMP OF MURMUUR "Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror" 12"LP

Though similar sides of the proverbial coin, the duo of the obscure dai-ichi and equally mysterious Lamp of Murmuur, present distant ends of the ever-expanding raw black metal spectrum on the impending Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror.

From parts unknown (though aesthetics point to Japan), dai-ichi's brand of harsh, uncompromising black metal presents itself in a minimal, bludgeoning manner. Riffs are king here and ideas flow out one after another in disjointed bliss. You don’t need to think when listening to dai-ichi. Their expressionistic dynamic is pure lizard-brain, gut-punching mania. Given the band’s stance on not providing any statements, one must wonder what this band’s process is, or at least how they maintain control over their uninhibited music with such relaxed mastery. Should black metal have a personality, dai-ichi would undoubtedly be the id: unbridled and animalistic.

Lamp of Murmuur’s take on black metal activates a different part of the brain. Though just as ferocious as his split partners, Lamp of Murmuur offers something more complex; a perfect foil to dai-ichi’s unrestrained anger. Though Lamp of Murmuur’s chops are undeniable and previously presented on previous releases, it is incredible to see the level of musicianship found within. The mysterious M. has previously lifted the veil on his process, the fact that this music is partially improvised (or at least “automatic”) makes the lore built around this project all the more compelling. Listen to a pre-release stream of Lamp of Murmuur’s "Curse of Silent Thunder" from their split with dai-ichi below.

Though both are examples of raw black metal, the dai-ichi and Lamp of Murmuur split offers a multifaceted view of this increasingly popular style. Through dai-ichi’s controlled-but-manic pummel and Lamp of Murmuur’s honed improvisation and careful construction raw black metal reveals its many, varying faces.

Text by The Call of the Night - http://thecallofthenight.com/

DAI-ICHI - "Pesuto No Jidai No Ai"
LAMP OF MURMUUR - "Curse Of Silent Thunder"

MOSS 053 - LIK "Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer" 12"LP

Nebular Carcoma is proud to announce the re-issue of LIK's legendary debut album "Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer" on limited 12"LP.

Lekamen Illusionen Kallet's journey started in early 00s and represents the personal vision of Graav (Armagedda, Ehlder, Graavehlder) about the the distant Northern Europe.

"Må Ljuset Aldrig Nå Oss Mer" is a charismatic hybrid of Black Metal and Rock music where spirituality and mysticism are the main driving force.

This new vinyl edition features the original artwork, remastered sound and a bonus track.

Listen: LIK - "Pest och Pina"

MOSS 052 - KÄÄRMEKRISTUS "Venite ad me, Satanas" CS

Raw Satanic Black Metal from Finland
"Venite ad me, Satanas" deals with polarities. Black and white, darkness and light or just darkness itself. The bond with the spiritual path and the enlightenment through the darkness.

Pro Tape limited to 55 hand-numbered copies.

KÄÄRMEKRISTUS - "Valon kirkkauteen"

MOSS 051 - LEVIATHAN "Förmörkelse" 12"LP

One of the most cult names before the term "cult" began being bandied about with reckless abandon, Leviathan appeared out of nowhere in 2002 with one album, Far Beyond the Light, and then disappeared forever. Granted, the man behind this Leviathan was no newcomer: one Phycon, who concurrently drummed in Armagedda before their demise and the precursor Volkermord. As such, the breadth of ambition across Förmörkelse was startling if not completely unexpected. So pure, so cold, and yet so brimming with lifeless life - an intentional paradox, perhaps - here did Phycon ably bridge the '90s wave of black metal which so informed his youth with the yet-to-burst wave beginning at the dawn of the new millennium. It was an invigorating experience for all who heard it, and has since become a collector's item, released as it was by The Shining's since-closed Selbstmord Services label.

But, just like how Far Beyond the Light appeared literally out of nowhere, so, too, does Leviathan's comeback with Förmörkelse. Almost picking up right where the debut album left off, after a tense intro does Leviathan-the-man waste no time in establishing a splendorously grim atmosphere, roiling with the rippling physicality which so endeared that debut whilst maintaining a perversely invigorating melancholy. Each of the subsequent nine tracks build both with patience and urgency, each deliriously dark texture taking its time to wrap its black leathery wings around the listener. An ages-old sort of melodicism is intertwined throughout, often draped in haunting / shimmering shades of chorus pedal, which works as ghostly counterpoint to the gnashing pulse so central to the Leviathan aesthetic. And central to that is Phycon's exquisitely deft and daresay-swinging drum-work, which even shines during the album's moments of restraint and repose, allowing space and shade to work their magick as Förmörkelse moves on. And, by record's end, the listener is left with catharsis and climax - so pure, so cold, and yet so vibrant.

Indeed, Leviathan's brilliance radiates outward through the ages, across decades, and remains just as vital and timeless as when the band began. If it takes nearly another 20 years for the follow-up to Förmörkelse, so be it: we are only richer for experiencing Phycon's vision when he so chooses to reveal it.

LEVIATHAN - "XVII / Avgrundens Återsken"


Raw Black Metal VS. Raw Melodic Black Metal.
New tracks from two of the best acts of the genre hailing from the States

10"MLP limited to an undisclosed amount of copies.

BORDA'S ROPE - "Last Revenge Taken in the Majestic Ocean Grim"
EL-AHRAIRAH - "The Unending Before"

MOSS 049 - BLOOD STRONGHOLD "Spectres of Bloodshed" 12"LP

For the past six years, BLOOD STRONGHOLD have prolifically pursued their vision of black metal, strongly (and bloodily) rooted in the classic '90s Polish tradition. A pan-international duo, it's no surprise that these visions are so stout and solidified: on vocals, guitar, and bass is Nightwolf, who concurrently maintains the esteemed Runespell as well as the much-missed Eternum; and exceedingly busy drummer Krew, who's played with countless bands but most prominently with Necrostrigis, Ravenmoon Sanctuary, Ordo Sanguinis Noctis, and Starlit Woods. Together as BLOOD STRONGHOLD, these two scene veterans have created a vast landscape of pure 'n' proud Polish-style majesty that mesmerizingly transcends its hardly-disguised foundation.

But, to simply say that BLOOD STRONGHOLD "only" create vintage Polish black metal is to severly undercut their not-inconsiderable artistry. Witness their latest full-length, Spectres of Bloodshed. With Krew's drums of war raising the banners before the listener's very ears, BLOOD STRONGHOLD waste no time in establishing a grim-yet-splendorous atmosphere, whisking the listener away to forgotten realms and arcane ages. The riffing, in particular - undoubtedly austere, yet strangely inviting in its somber melodicism - opens those portals of the imagination with utterly masterful ease, a veritable symphony of windswept abandon and tragic grandeur that's seemingly infinite in their resounding textures. Nightwolf's commanding throat, of course, conveys these tales with hackle-raising authenticity, verily imagining oneself before "Unbowed Wolves" or the "Blood Dawn," or what horrors arise "From the Depths of Veles Sea." And Krew's drumming, as always, is without peer here, guiding every pulse with poignancy and very real humanity; his reliance on tribal rhythms makes BLOOD STRONGHOLD's black metal ever more unique whilst firmly rooted in that richest tradition mentioned earlier.

All too aptly titled, Spectres of Bloodshed is an ominous reflection of an all-too-ancient past. Thankfully, BLOOD STRONGHOLD remain resolute and continue sharpening their swords, unconcerned with the rabble passing for nowadays "black metal." Follow their voice of blood, or fall before those swords!

12"LP limited to 200 copies. Co-released with Satanik Requiem-

BLOOD STRONGHOLD - "Crowned Virtue"

MOSS 048 - KRYPTA NICESTWA "Zorza lodowatego strupieszenia" CS

3rd demo of Cryptic Black Metal directly from the Polish abyss.

New auroral conjurations revealing the cold mourning of the underworld...

Pro Tape limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

KRYPTA NICESTWA - "W pomroce sarkofagów otchłani"

MOSS 047 - DODENBEZWEERDER "Zwarte sluiers" CS

From The Netherlands, Raw Black Metal/Ambient with a majestic vibe.

Two haunting spells of black veils over dead faces.

Featuring members of Gnaw Their Tongues and Hypothermia.

Pro Tape limited to 66 copies.

DODENBEZWEERDER - "Verstenigd En Verdelgd"

MOSS 046 - NECROSTRIGIS "From Bleak Cavernous Chamber" 12"LP

The name Necrostrigis should need no introduction to serious dwellers of the black metal underground. For the past decade, under the Necrostrigis banner has mainman Wened built an incredibly prolific canon of purest obsidian, across countless demos, EPs, and splits as well as 2013's pivotal debut album, Wilkołaki księżycowego pentagramu. In addition to this ever-busy creative vehicle, Wened mans many other bands, including the equally considerable likes of Blood Stronghold, Ravenmoon Sanctuary, Krypta Nicestwa, Starlit Woods, and tons others.

However, as Necrostrigis, Wened's vision is cast back to an ancient past, fortified from outside influence and fiercely uncompromising. It is defiantly OLD black metal from the lost days of the early/mid '90s, when records like Carpathian Wolves, Vampires of Black Imperial Blood, ...Taur-Nu-Fuin..., and Vampyr - Throne of the Beast kept away Normal Metalheads and utterly possessed the few, the proud, the true. As such, From Bleak Cavernous Chambers is the perfect primer for those curious - genuinely, snidely, or otherwise - to immerse themselves in Necrostrigis' world or be banished back to cruel, cold reality. Compiling songs that have never been on vinyl before, this limited compilation features some songs in their original form (or with a different mix) while have been re-recorded fully or partially.

Vampiric black metal mysticism is on the rise, and Necrostrigis is leading the charge from the shadows. And fittingly, From Bleak Cavernous Chambers will be released on March 9th, which is a full moon...your curse awaits!

12"LP limited to 150 copies. Co-released with Postmortem Apocalypse.

NECROSTRIGIS - "The Temple of Murderous Shadows"

MOSS 045 - GODLESS NORTH "Dark Rites of the Mystic Order" 12"LP

p2>For those who dwelled in the '90s black metal underground, Godless North should need no introduction. Hailing from the frozen wastes of Canada and guided by the iron fist of mainman Othalaz, Godless North quickly perfected a grim 'n' ghoulish sort of black metal that ran parallel to the contemporaneous paradigms in the Polish and French scenes, as well as the earliest (and best) conjurings from the larger Scandinavian scene. But unlike so much black metal hailing from North America during the '90s, Godless North put their own murderous, deliriously unbalanced spin on such, which would further be corroborated by the extracurricular activities of Othalaz at the time.

And while Godless North would release a cult-classic split 7" with Nargaroth, Apolokia, and Decayed in 2001 on the late/great Sombre Records - to say nothing of their monumental debut album, Summon the Age of Supremacy, on Judas Iscariot's sorely missed Breath of Night that same year - it was the band's debut demo in 1998, Dark Rites of the Mystic Order, which truly breathed the breath of night and set in motion events of a most mystical (and murderous) nature. Utterly raw yet righteously executed, dangerously physical yet emitting an otherworldly atmosphere, pure and proud but equally bound to devilish unorthodoxy: Dark Rites of the Mystic Order is undoubtedly is a relic of the times, ancient and medieval and UGLY, its filth 'n' fury directed inward as much as it is outward. Many won't understand it in 2020, because the nowadays "black metal underground" is far removed from the clandestine aura of the underground in the late '90s, whose effects would be far felt in the next millennium - but Godless North's first recorded statement still stands exceptionally tall, cold and alone and forever so.

Fully sanctioned by the band, Nebular Carcoma will release Dark Rites of the Mystic Order on vinyl for the first time ever, now featuring brand-new cover art and an unreleased cover of Burzum's Dunkelheit." Long live Godless North...in death!

12"LP limited to 200 copies.

GODLESS NORTH - "Everlasting Winter Winds"

MOSS 044 - NEGATIVA "01" S/S 12"LP

Negativa are a prolific and mysterious force hailing from Spain. The entity's two central figures, multi-instrumentalist DB and vocalist D.R., respectively maintain the well-regarded Délirant (of the Mystískaos cabal) and Atrabilis. Together, as Negativa, do the duo create delirious, tortured, but credibly avant-garde black metal, worming deep within atonality and tension to find bittersweet resolution and maimed 'n' malformed melody.

Of the band's prolific clutch of releases, arguably, Negativa's 01 is the perfect distillation of their aesthetic, a shocking bolt-from-the-blue originally released in 2014 on super-limited cassette. The soundfield is sharp, almost crystal-clear, but somehow alien and unsettling. Their push & pulse takes on a folding-inward variety of shapes, vortex-like, building ever-denser and -taller walls around the listener. Suffocating yet emitting a paradoxical expanse of space, the four-song spell hypnotizes from there; each body/mind-fold sluices energy and happiness from the spirit, Negativa's obsidian metallics growing stronger with each passing, parasitic minute. By the end of 01, that listener is literally rendered a zero, a hollow shell of cursed corporeal garbage.

Seek the beginning of the end with this noble new vinyl edition of Negativa's 01 and rue its rotten (re)discovery.

12"LP limited to 120 copies.

Listen: NEGATIVA - "III"

MOSS 043 - UNBEGOTTEN "Manifestion" CS

Unbegotten are a mysterious entity hailing from the increasingly potent Spanish black metal scene. The band made their public debut with the Proem of the Unborn demo in 2016. A catacomb of hateful energy, Unbegotten's opening salvo swiftly delivered boundless darkness and raw obscurity, instilling the rank stench of the ancients despite being a brand-new formation.

After three years of uncompromising coldness, Unbegotten return with their next recording: at last, a full-length bearing the title Manifestion. Originally released on vinyl by the esteemed Altare Productions, Manifestion malodorously displays the full bloom of Unbegotten's promise. Hateful and hysteric, the insistent surge across these seven tracks creates a clanging delirium that sounds less like traditional black metal and more like the ethereal echoes of agonized spirits dwelling in the deep. Suitably, Unbegotten keep their attack righteously raw, and yet each instrument is fully felt, especially the ominous tones of actual bass guitar; every note seemingly bends and breaks, the yawning maw of infinity turned miserably melodic. Manifestion is thus a cacophonous symphony of spectral anguish, moonlit mysticism given over to feral, lycanthropic hunger.

The dungeons are calling again, and Unbegotten's Manifestion now returns to the shadows on cassette tape.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies

UNBEGOTTEN - "Abysses of Existence"

MOSS 042 - GONOTROPH "Demo III + Demo IV" CS

Nightmarish and morbid Raw Black Metal from the US.
Compilation tape including the last two demos, previously unreleased.

Pro Tape limited to 66 copies.

GONOTROPH - "Untitled"

MOSS 041 - FOREST MYSTICISM / KRYPTA NICESTWA "Mirrors of Glaciated Earth" CS

Featuring an exclusive track by each band and then a "raw mix" of each, Mirrors of Glaciated Earth is truly titled: indeed is it an ominously reflecting pool of cold, obsidian glory. Poland's Krypta Nicestwa start Side A with "Wieczor," a haunting hymn duly displaying the band's geographical constitution. Although a relatively new entity, Krypta Nicestwa honor their noble roots with a grim 'n' mystical sound that's poignantly Polish in a most mid-'90s manner. Australia's Forest Mysticism follow next with "The Spirit Awoken." Arising from the dead in 2018, this song is the band's first new recording since last year's all-too-short Hearken EP. And although just one track, "The Spirit Awoken" is an absolute firebrand of a song, Forest Mysticism's breathtaking bravado once again resulting in pagan black metal of the highest order. On Side B, then, comes rawer iterations of both bands' respective songs, with Forest Mysticism's contribution first and followed by Krypta Nicestwa, altogether instilling an alluring delirium truly worthy of the title Mirrors of Glaciated Earth.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

FOREST MYSTICISM - "The Spirit Awoken"
Listen: KRYPTA NICESTWA - "Wieczor"

MOSS 040 - GAUA "Feeble Psychotic Vortex" CS

Originally released last year on CD and LP by Portugal's elite Altare Productions, Gaua's Feeble Psychotic Vortex was a startling first fuller-length strike from this still-young Spanish entity. Ever aptly titled, the 37-minute Feeble Psychotic Vortex indeed sends the listener into a vortex of wild, wounded emotion and raw, red hatred, all transposed onto the grimmest black metal. Both malevolent in its marching melodicism and favorably punkish in its fury, each of these four epic-length tracks sees Gaua bewitching with hypnotic ease, all culminating in a massive 'n' mesmerizing cover of Vlad Tepes' classic "Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple," extending that song's malodorous ecstasy to a staggering 14 minutes.

Naturally, that choice of cover should say more than enough about Gaua's aims and intentions. Do not enter the Feeble Psychotic Vortex lightly!

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies

GAUA - "Misfortune"

MOSS 039 - DARVULIA "Acte Dix: Démos" 12"LP

For those who dwelled in the '90s black metal underground and intrepidly moved into the new millennium knowing that foul changes were afoot, all contrary to notions of true "black metal" being supposedly "dead" at the time due to its progenitors breaking up or (mostly) moving on to careerist aspirations, DARVULIA should need no introduction. However, considering the band formed in 1999 and went to the grave 16 years later, perhaps a refresher is in order...

DARVULIA hailed from the esteemed French black metal underground - and by "French," we mean the lineage that started with the Black Legions and then carried forward with the likes of Osculum Infame, Blessed in Sin, Funeral, Bekhira, Seigneur Voland, Hirilorn, Winter Funeral, and very early Seth - that would blossom into something else entirely as that new millennium went on. Old souls from the start, DARVULIA honorably maintained the ripped-raw sickliness of the Black Legions with the more medieval atmosphere of that second generation, in effect keeping the flame burning for both distinctly French paradigms. Their infamy in the underground largely hinged upon their albums, starting with 2002's L'Ombre malicieuse (on the supremely cult D.U.K.E. label) and then 2005's L'Alliance des venins and 2010's Mysticisme macabre. As can be surmised by that chronology, DARVULIA patiently parceled out their creations, prizing quality over quantity, and not once misstepped during their existence.

It can be successfully argued that DARVULIA's full-lengths portray the band at their most developed - or, conservatively speaking, at their most professionally recorded - but where the stench of true black metal is at its foulest is generally a band's demos, and the same can be said for DARVULIA. Thus, NEBULAR CARCOMA is devilishly pleased to compile the DARVULIA demos Shabattu, danse lunaire (2001) and L'odeur du corbeau mort (2002) plus an unreleased Darkthrone cover ("The Dance of Eternal Shadows") onto a full-length vinyl LP, hereby titled Acte Dix: Démos. This collection displays DARVULIA at their rawest and most unadorned, yet within such a seemingly hideous soundscape does a remarkable sense of refinement exist. Even this early on, these French vampires maintained a uniquely malaised sense of melody, owing in part to the diseased groundwork laid by Mütiilation (certainly not a secret influence: just look at the cover of L'odeur du corbeau mort), but arguably more drugged-out and delirious than their not-inconsiderable forebears. Of course, there existed within DARVULIA's world a perverted sense of vampirism, much like there was during the days of the Black Legions, that was far, far away from the circus "black metal" created by certain top-hatted clowns. But, within the rosy glow of context, we can justifiably assert DARVULIA's vampiric black metal here is as pure and proud as it comes. As time inevitably moves on and the past becomes a distant memory, rekindled torches need to shine light on the darkest corridors of that past. As such, NEBULAR CARCOMA is exhuming the corpse of DARVULIA and reanimating their black-leather wings with this noble vinyl edition of Acte Dix: Démos.

DARVULIA - "Ainsi soit-il"

MOSS 038 - RAVENMOON SANCTUARY "Boreal Blackness Spirituality" CS

Demo/Ep compilation from this Polish act. Raw Melancholic Black Metal at its best.

Featuring Grimspirit (Evilfeast) on keyboards.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies

RAVENMOON SANCTUARY - "Blackness Wreatched Ancient Spirit..."


Operating somewhere deep in the Rust Belt, TRIANGULUM first appeared on the ouroboric split tape, Northern Occultism, released during the opening of the second decade of this final century. Nine years later, their obscure and aggressively melancholic black metal binds itself stronger than ever onto listeners who would fall into it. Providing zero information regarding the time or whereabouts of their provenance, the solo artist behind TRIANGULUM opens this split with three never-released tracks of hypnotic black metal tormented by harsh vocals buried in the red.

A year before the second decade, EL-AHRAIRAH released their self-titled demo tape: A raw scream from a fledgling bloody but rejoicing somehow, something none of us had ever heard of before—at least not from the states. The next three years saw the Midwestern act remain true to their lapine nature, releasing six tapes before, as if suddenly spooked, they retreated underground. Now a trio, EL-AHRAIRAH return once again, three years since releasing their capstone debut full length on a criminally limited number of cassette tapes. Closing out this split, their side counts three new songs of their uniquely triumphant and celebratory take on distant lands-borne black metal, plus both an intro and an outro of illusion-inducing dark ambient.

The different journeys over the years of these two underground bands mark eerily similar paths. Taken together, this split seems almost destined. Both reemerged around 2 and 3 years ago, and now, owing to a mutual respect between everyone involved, the TRIANGULUM / EL-AHRAIRAH split 12" vinyl is finally here. New material from either of these reclusive stateside acts demands attention, but a pairing such as this warrants immediate genuflection. That each side represents the best material either band has produced will bang out objectively from the black vinyl. (Text by D.Pearce)

Listen: TRIANGULUM - "Old Blades Entwined"
Listen: EL-AHRAIRAH - "Hail in the High Woods"

MOSS 036 - UNHOLY VAMPYRIC SLAUGHTER SECT "Bizzare Binding Ritual & The Order of the Rose Cross" 10"MLP

10" vinyl compilation from one of the preeminent bands in the US Black Metal underground.

Includes "Bizzare Binding Ritual" & "The Order of the Rose Cross", previously self-released on a strictly limited cassette edition.

Ave Vampyras! All.Must.Die.

Listen: U.V.S.S. - "Bizzare Binding Ritual (extract)"
Listen: U.V.S.S. - "The Order of the Rose Cross (extract)"

MOSS 035 - ZEEGANG "Dialectica Oceanus" CS

Cassette full-lenght by this new Dutch project commanded by R.V.R. 2 long tracks of solemn Black Metal with an aura of reflection.

Pro Tape limited to 50 copies.

Listen:ZEEGANG - "Dialectica Oceanus II (excerpt)"

MOSS 034 - OLXANE "Vermilion Ruin" CS

Olxane is back with a new demo, this time based on the autumnal season. High quality Atmospheric/Raw Black Metal from The Netherlands.

Pro Tape limited to 50 copies.

Listen:OLXANE- "Perishing Cloaks"


New album finally on cassette. Keyboard driven Black Metal from beyond.

Pro Tape with silkscreen sigils printed on the case. Limited to 111 copies.

Listen:CANDELABRUM - "Dusk, Poisoner Of Souls"

MOSS 032 - ÄRID "Transmutations Below the Rotting Moon of Eternally Decrepit Worlds" CS

First ever compilation of demo works from this obscure US entity of raw and rotten Black Metal.

Pro Tape limited to 66 copies.

Listen:ÄRID- "Flies"

MOSS 031 - HEDENGANG "Rehearsal" CS

Hypnotic and enchanting Black Metal hailing from Danish soil. One long and evolving track that will haunt you down to reach a total state of hypnosis.

Pro Tape limited to an undisclosed number of copies.

Listen:HEDENGANG- "Rehearsal (extract)"


Obscure and raw Black Metal from the Afsgrundsvisioner collective. Rehearsal finally available after the release of the first full-lenght.

Pro Tape limited to an undisclosed number of copies.


MOSS 029 - ABYSSAL MIND "Abyssal Madness" CS

Solo project from Abyssdiver (Ankrismah & Nekrokaos) Lost recordings from the depths of the abysses...
Raw and cruel Black Metal not suitable for weak souls.

Pro Tape limited to 50 copies.


MOSS 028 - POLLUTION CHAMBER "Accelerated Deterioration of Humanity" CS

New Raw Black Metal project featuring members of Black Spirit, Bulturnos or Cryptic Wanderings among others.
This is the absolute degradation of our miserable existence.

Pro Tape limited to 50 copies.


MOSS 027 - OFFENBARUNG "Lunar Womb" CS

First demo of ambient and dissociative Black Metal. Contemplation, reflection, destruction and generation in a place and a time out of this world.

Listen: OFFENBARUNG- "I: Mist of Revelation"

MOSS 026 - ENTITY UNKNOWN "Entity Unknown" CS

From Bosnia-Herzegovina, unpleasant raw Black Metal in the name of darkness.

Listen:ENTITY UNKNOWN- "Unknown I"

MOSS 025 - TODLICHT "Einsamkeit" CS

Hopeless and cold Black Metal. First release of winter-driven soundscapes by this Bosnian entity.

Listen:TODLICHT- "Einsamkeit"

MOSS 024 - ZALMOXIS "The Fiery Path" CS

1st demo from this project featuring the main man of Ås and Fortress of the Olden Days. Grim and eerie Black Metal with a haunting and scary atmosphere.

Listen:ZALMOXIS- "The Fiery Path""

MOSS 023 - OLXANE "Primitive Casket" CS

New project of T. (Kaffaljidhma, Mirre, etc.) 2 long tracks of Atmospheric/Raw Black Metal from The Netherlands.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:OLXANE- "A Tomb of Roots and Limbs"

MOSS 022 - PRIMOGENORUM "Damned Hearts in the Abyss of Madness" CS

Nekrotic BM from the vaults of Ukraine. Last album with a special and rawer mix for this cassette version.

Pro Tape limited to 50 copies.

Listen:PRIMOGENORUM- "The Bell Rang in Ruined Church"

MOSS 021 - ÅS "Von Oben Herab" CS

Debut demo from this German band of psychening & toxic Black Metal. A conceptual work about arrogance where the 4 tracks included reviews different aspects of said phenomenon.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:ÅS- "Von Oben Herab"

MOSS 020 - CANDELABRUM "The Gathering" CS

Cassette edition of "The Gathering" that compiles the three CANDELABRUM demo tapes. Expect raw majestic Black Metal, channeled from otherworldly entities.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies:
-70 copies in regular jewel case
-30 copies in a hand pyrographed wooden box
2nd press on white Pro Tape

Listen:CANDELABRUM- "The Dark Oraculum"

MOSS 019 - PRECARIA "Precaria" CS

The enigmatic first material of Precaria. 4 tracks of envenomed guitars, relentless drumming and anti-cosmic incantations. Unveil this gem hidden in the dark if you dare to explore the utter depths of consciousness.

Not suited for humans

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:PRECARIA- "Precaria"

MOSS 018 - DEFUNTOS "Invocação Aos Mortos" CS

39 minutes of Morbid Black/Doom Metal, where Defuntos, with 2 long tracks + interlude, develope their personal and unique, melancholic style in honour of the dead.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies. Includes A6 insert with the lyrics.

Listen:DEFUNTOS- "Deambulações Numa Noite de Inverno"

MOSS 017 - DEFUNTOS "Nada é Eterno" CS

Originally released only on 12", available once again, this time in professional cassette. Slow, deep and sad melancholic melodies worship the prevalence of death in this 3rd album.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:DEFUNTOS- "Nada é Eterno"

MOSS 016 - BROKEN SPIRIT "Vivid Dreaming" CS

Open the gates of isolation and void to converge on altered states of anxiety, grief and mental chaos.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.
2nd press on white Pro Tape


MOSS 015 - HIKAN "A Breath of Sorrow for a Dying Spirit" CS

Second album of this unknown and mysterious entity. "A Breath of Sorrow for a Dying Spirit" consists of six tracks of blazing Black metal filled with an aura of desolation and raging melancholy.

Includes as bonus the first album "The Cycle of Pain". More than 70 minutes of darkness to empty your soul...

Pro Tape limited to 66 copies.

Listen: HIKAN- "A Breath of Sorrow for a Dying Spirit"


4 lost laments of spectral dark ambient. Horrible and claustrophobic, only for tormented souls.

1st press on Pro Tape w/xeroxed covers, limited to 33 hand-numbered copies.
2nd press on Pro Tape w/pro covers, limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

Listen: BLACK WILDERNESS - "Translucent Shadows of the Devil-Within My Predatory Infatuation Will Never Rest"
Listen:VRASËSINERËZVE - "Untitled"

MOSS 013 - NEGATIVA "02" 12"LP

First album after some demos and splits. In"02", Negativa offers eight new chapters of melodic but abrasive and discouraged Black Metal with its characteristic introspective sound crafted during the last years.

12" LP limited to 250 copies. Co-released with Esfinge de la Calavera & Frigidus Ignis.

Listen:NEGATIVA- "02"

MOSS 012 - FACELESS ENTITY "In Via Ad Nusquam" 12"LP

A bleak and spectral tome of nightmarish and horrible Black Metal from the depths of the abyss.


1st press with white labels.
2nd press with printed labels.

Co-released with Altare Prod.

Listen: FACELESS ENTITY- "In Via ad Nusquam III"

MOSS 011 - CANDELABRUM "Necrotelepathy" CS

2 long manifestations evoking the meeting between death and life. A descent there where the lost souls perish, an open gate to the beyond....

1st press on White Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.
2nd press on Red Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:CANDELABRUM - "Necrotelepathy Part I-Distant Voices In The Darkest Night"

MOSS 010 - REIZIGER / ALRUIN "Hertovenarij" CS

Finally revealed this alliance between Alruin and Reiziger. 2 offerings of astral darkness to honour the night and the void.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:REIZIGER - "... En Met De Zon In 't Hart, Omarm Ik De Nacht"
Listen:ALRUIN - "Galgenman"

MOSS 009 - EMPTY "The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair" 12"LP

Now available on vinyl for the first time, this 2nd album introduced the band to a darkest, negative and lugubre sound. 7 tracks of irremediable anguish, of hate to life. A journey to a place of black sentiments and spiritual catharsis.

12" LP limited to 250 copies. Co-released with Negra Nit.

Listen:EMPTY- "The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair"


New split this time on vinyl. Two tracks of abstract, dissonant and abrupt Black Metal with a paranoic feeling. This is not for everyone...

Co-released with Esfinge de la Calavera and Equinox Discos.
7" EP limited to 250 copies.

Listen:ATRABILIS - "Decimoquinta parte"
Listen:NEGATIVA - "Untitled"

MOSS 007 - TRANSNEPTUNIAN "Infinite Expansion" CS

A travel through the endless cosmos and space. An EP with two tracks of Atmospheric Black Metal.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:TRANSNEPTUNIAN - "Infinite Expansion"

MOSS 006 - NIL ABYSS "Burgeoning Death Void" CS

An exhortation of the foulest order by Australian black filth mongers NIL ABYSS. First full-lenght with 6 tracks of Dense and Mid-paced Black Metal with a cruel feeling.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:NIL ABYSS - "Burgeoning Death Void"

MOSS 005 - ANIMUS MORTIS / EMPTY "Invocations from the Innominate Void" CS

Originally forged on black gold, the union of these two heralds of negativity emerges from the depths of the abyss once more. 2 agonizing hymns per band, this time presented in professional tape.
A real gem of oppressive and dark black metal with two of the best nowadays black metal bands hailing from Chile and Spain.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:ANIMUS MORTIS - "Hermetic Axioma"
Listen:EMPTY - "The Most Silent of All Hours"

MOSS 004 - DESESPERANZA "Desesperanza" CS

On this first full lenght, the american entity Desesperanza, shows its introverted side. The side which hates its human nature and fragility and reflects failure and contempt although still remaining obscure and worshiping the chaos.
Five tracks of funeral BLACK METAL about death, grief, mass suicide & transcendental chaos. A Journey through the blackest voids of consciousness

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:DESESPERANZA - "Desesperanza"


After being self-released on a limited batch of only 20 copies, "Keye" deserved a re-release as it must be so now is available once again.

Lubbert Das plays fierce and deteriorated black metal, evoking the hypnotic effect of unrelenting aggression and madness. Against theatrics – instead focussing on the essential.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies. *2nd press of 50 copies.

Listen:LUBBERT DAS - "Keye"

MOSS 002 - AVERSIO HUMANITATIS / SELBST / NIHIL "Three Ways of Consciousness" CS

Re-release of this alliance between three entities from Spain and Venezuela.

This is not a bizzare junction of random and cheap songs of three unrelated bands, this IS a well constructed and compenetrated piece of Dark Art. All the elements that conforms this work lyrics, music, production, philosophy and the exclusive artwork that complete this album) were thought from the beginning to reach a logic coherence, and offer an own and unique essence as a whole.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:AVERSIO HUMANITATIS - "Psalm of the Wandering"
Listen:SELBST - "Slave Cults of Idolatry"
Listen:NIHIL - "Monolithos I"

MOSS 001 - VUIMAGO "Vurahva" CS

The first and only demo of this enigmatic Black Metal band from the Netherlands.
Four tracks of raw art and sinister atmosphere.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:VUIMAGO - "Smoke Arises from a Funeral Pyre"