Available releases:

MOSS 031 - HEDENGANG "Rehearsal" CS

Hypnotic and enchanting Black Metal hailing from Danish soil. One long and evolving track that will haunt you down to reach a total state of hypnosis.

Pro Tape limited to an undisclosed number of copies.

Listen: HEDENGANG- "Rehearsal (extract")


Obscure and raw Black Metal from the Afsgrundsvisioner collective. Rehearsal finally available after the release of the first full-lenght.

Pro Tape limited to an undisclosed number of copies.


Sold out releases:

MOSS 029 - ABYSSAL MIND "Abyssal Madness" CS

Solo project from Abyssdiver (Ankrismah & Nekrokaos) Lost recordings from the depths of the abysses...
Raw and cruel Black Metal not suitable for weak souls.

Pro Tape limited to 50 copies.


MOSS 028 - POLLUTION CHAMBER "Accelerated Deterioration of Humanity" CS

New Raw Black Metal project featuring members of Black Spirit, Bulturnos or Cryptic Wanderings among others.
This is the absolute degradation of our miserable existence.

Pro Tape limited to 50 copies.


MOSS 027 - OFFENBARUNG "Lunar Womb" CS

First demo of ambient and dissociative Black Metal. Contemplation, reflection, destruction and generation in a place and a time out of this world.

Listen: OFFENBARUNG- "I: Mist of Revelation"

MOSS 026 - ENTITY UNKNOWN "Entity Unknown" CS

From Bosnia-Herzegovina, unpleasant raw Black Metal in the name of darkness.

Listen:ENTITY UNKNOWN- "Unknown I"

MOSS 025 - TODLICHT "Einsamkeit" CS

Hopeless and cold Black Metal. First release of winter-driven soundscapes by this Bosnian entity.

Listen:TODLICHT- "Einsamkeit"

MOSS 024 - ZALMOXIS "The Fiery Path" CS

1st demo from this project featuring the main man of Ås and Fortress of the Olden Days. Grim and eerie Black Metal with a haunting and scary atmosphere.

Listen:ZALMOXIS- "The Fiery Path""

MOSS 023 - OLXANE "Primitive Casket" CS

New project of T. (Kaffaljidhma, Mirre, etc.) 2 long tracks of Atmospheric/Raw Black Metal from The Netherlands.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:OLXANE- "A Tomb of Roots and Limbs"

MOSS 022 - PRIMOGENORUM "Damned Hearts in the Abyss of Madness" CS

Nekrotic BM from the vaults of Ukraine. Last album with a special and rawer mix for this cassette version.

Pro Tape limited to 50 copies.

Listen:PRIMOGENORUM- "The Bell Rang in Ruined Church"

MOSS 021 - ÅS "Von Oben Herab" CS

Debut demo from this German band of psychening & toxic Black Metal. A conceptual work about arrogance where the 4 tracks included reviews different aspects of said phenomenon.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:ÅS- "Von Oben Herab"

MOSS 020 - CANDELABRUM "The Gathering" CS

Cassette edition of "The Gathering" that compiles the three CANDELABRUM demo tapes. Expect raw majestic Black Metal, channeled from otherworldly entities.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies:
-70 copies in regular jewel case
-30 copies in a hand pyrographed wooden box

Listen:CANDELABRUM- "The Dark Oraculum"

MOSS 019 - PRECARIA "Precaria" CS

The enigmatic first material of Precaria. 4 tracks of envenomed guitars, relentless drumming and anti-cosmic incantations. Unveil this gem hidden in the dark if you dare to explore the utter depths of consciousness.

Not suited for humans

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:PRECARIA- "Precaria"

MOSS 018 - DEFUNTOS "Invocação Aos Mortos" CS

39 minutes of Morbid Black/Doom Metal, where Defuntos, with 2 long tracks + interlude, develope their personal and unique, melancholic style in honour of the dead.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies. Includes A6 insert with the lyrics.

Listen:DEFUNTOS- "Deambulações Numa Noite de Inverno"

MOSS 017 - DEFUNTOS "Nada é Eterno" CS

Originally released only on 12", available once again, this time in professional cassette. Slow, deep and sad melancholic melodies worship the prevalence of death in this 3rd album.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:DEFUNTOS- "Nada é Eterno"

MOSS 016 - BROKEN SPIRIT "Vivid Dreaming" CS

Open the gates of isolation and void to converge on altered states of anxiety, grief and mental chaos.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.


MOSS 015 - HIKAN "A Breath of Sorrow for a Dying Spirit" CS

Second album of this unknown and mysterious entity. "A Breath of Sorrow for a Dying Spirit" consists of six tracks of blazing Black metal filled with an aura of desolation and raging melancholy.

Includes as bonus the first album "The Cycle of Pain". More than 70 minutes of darkness to empty your soul...

Pro Tape limited to 66 copies.

Listen: HIKAN- "A Breath of Sorrow for a Dying Spirit"


4 lost laments of spectral dark ambient. Horrible and claustrophobic, only for tormented souls.

Pro Tape w/xeroxed covers, limited to 33 copies.

Listen: BLACK WILDERNESS - "Translucent Shadows of the Devil-Within My Predatory Infatuation Will Never Rest"
Listen:VRASËSINERËZVE - "Untitled"

MOSS 013 - NEGATIVA "02" 12"LP

First album after some demos and splits. In"02", Negativa offers eight new chapters of melodic but abrasive and discouraged Black Metal with its characteristic introspective sound crafted during the last years.

12" LP limited to 250 copies. Co-released with Esfinge de la Calavera & Frigidus Ignis.

Listen:NEGATIVA- "02"

MOSS 012 - FACELESS ENTITY "In Via Ad Nusquam" 12"LP

Emerging from the deepest of voids, Faceless Entity reveals its first album "In Via Ad Nusquam". Death and duel is what you'll find in these 4 tracks (+ intro & outro) from one of the best current Raw Black Metal acts, hailing from the prominent Dutch scene.

12" LP limited to 200 copies. Co-released with Altare Prod.

Listen:FACELESS ENTITY- "In Via Ad Nusquam"

MOSS 011 - CANDELABRUM "Necrotelepathy" CS

2 long manifestations evoking the meeting between death and life. A descent there where the lost souls perish, an open gate to the beyond....

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:CANDELABRUM - "Necrotelepathy Part I-Distant Voices In The Darkest Night"

MOSS 010 - REIZIGER / ALRUIN "Hertovenarij" CS

Finally revealed this alliance between Alruin and Reiziger. 2 offerings of astral darkness to honour the night and the void.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:REIZIGER - "... En Met De Zon In 't Hart, Omarm Ik De Nacht"
Listen:ALRUIN - "Galgenman"

MOSS 009 - EMPTY "The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair" 12"LP

Now available on vinyl for the first time, this 2nd album introduced the band to a darkest, negative and lugubre sound. 7 tracks of irremediable anguish, of hate to life. A journey to a place of black sentiments and spiritual catharsis.

12" LP limited to 250 copies. Co-released with Negra Nit.

Listen:EMPTY- "The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair"


New split this time on vinyl. Two tracks of abstract, dissonant and abrupt Black Metal with a paranoic feeling. This is not for everyone...

Co-released with Esfinge de la Calavera and Equinox Discos.
7" EP limited to 250 copies.

Listen:ATRABILIS - "Decimoquinta parte"
Listen:NEGATIVA - "Untitled"

MOSS 007 - TRANSNEPTUNIAN "Infinite Expansion" CS

A travel through the endless cosmos and space. An EP with two tracks of Atmospheric Black Metal.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:TRANSNEPTUNIAN - "Infinite Expansion"

MOSS 006 - NIL ABYSS "Burgeoning Death Void" CS

An exhortation of the foulest order by Australian black filth mongers NIL ABYSS. First full-lenght with 6 tracks of Dense and Mid-paced Black Metal with a cruel feeling.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:NIL ABYSS - "Burgeoning Death Void"

MOSS 005 - ANIMUS MORTIS / EMPTY "Invocations from the Innominate Void" CS

Originally forged on black gold, the union of these two heralds of negativity emerges from the depths of the abyss once more. 2 agonizing hymns per band, this time presented in professional tape.
A real gem of oppressive and dark black metal with two of the best nowadays black metal bands hailing from Chile and Spain.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:ANIMUS MORTIS - "Hermetic Axioma"
Listen:EMPTY - "The Most Silent of All Hours"

MOSS 004 - DESESPERANZA "Desesperanza" CS

On this first full lenght, the american entity Desesperanza, shows its introverted side. The side which hates its human nature and fragility and reflects failure and contempt although still remaining obscure and worshiping the chaos.
Five tracks of funeral BLACK METAL about death, grief, mass suicide & transcendental chaos. A Journey through the blackest voids of consciousness

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:DESESPERANZA - "Desesperanza"


After being self-released on a limited batch of only 20 copies, "Keye" deserved a re-release as it must be so now is available once again.

Lubbert Das plays fierce and deteriorated black metal, evoking the hypnotic effect of unrelenting aggression and madness. Against theatrics – instead focussing on the essential.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies. *2nd press of 50 copies.

Listen:LUBBERT DAS - "Keye"

MOSS 002 - AVERSIO HUMANITATIS / SELBST / NIHIL "Three Ways of Consciousness" CS

Re-release of this alliance between three entities from Spain and Venezuela.

This is not a bizzare junction of random and cheap songs of three unrelated bands, this IS a well constructed and compenetrated piece of Dark Art. All the elements that conforms this work lyrics, music, production, philosophy and the exclusive artwork that complete this album) were thought from the beginning to reach a logic coherence, and offer an own and unique essence as a whole.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:AVERSIO HUMANITATIS - "Psalm of the Wandering"
Listen:SELBST - "Slave Cults of Idolatry"
Listen:NIHIL - "Monolithos I"

MOSS 001 - VUIMAGO "Vurahva" CS

The first and only demo of this enigmatic Black Metal band from the Netherlands.
Four tracks of raw art and sinister atmosphere.

Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.

Listen:VUIMAGO - "Smoke Arises from a Funeral Pyre"