Available releases:


OUT SOON CD version of the recent split of Afgrundsvisioner activists. Previously released on vinyl by Amor Fati. Frivolous and strident Black Metal.

Digipak limited to 150 copies.

Listen: AIWĪGAZ UNÐERGANGAZ - "Untitled"
Listen: MÚSPELLZHEIMR - "Untitled"

MOON XI - MÚSPELLZHEIMR "Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme/Demo Compilation" 2CD

OUT SOON Debut full-lenght from this Danish Black Metal entity is available again. A 42 minutes soundtrack for the dark winter nights. Includes a bonus CD with demo sessions of this album and 2018 opus "Raukn".

Double CD co-released with Amor Fati.

Listen: CD1 - "Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme"
Listen: CD2 - "Demo Compilation"


Primogenorum was spawned in the morbid pits of Ukraine in 2008, from the sick mind of Lucifug. Always using the Black Metal as an instrument of Unhumanity and spiritual Perdition, the band has released several demos and splits (with bands like Ossea Cyphus and Sulphuric Night) and two full-lenghts during these years. Now, 10 years after the first demo, the circle is complete with "Ye Last Ordeal" which will be the last opus of the band. Everything has been said, you only should have listened. This is the last chapter upon the path of Primogenorum. See you in Hell! Adalord Satan Haegl!

CD limited to 200 copies.

Listen: PRIMOGENORUM- "On the Ground of the Dying Man"

MOON VII - ANDEIS "Servants of the Cold Night" CD

LAST COPIES A magnificent opus of timeless Black Metal with hallucinating passages and a haunting atmosphere. Includes lyrics written in the ancient Gothic language.

CD limited to 150 copies. Co-released with Esfinge de la Calavera

Listen: ANDEIS- "Servants of the Cold Night"

Sold out releases:


New album containing 6 tracks of total dehumanization and disintegration of the I, through the unquenchable adoration of the void

Featuring H.V of Wormlust/Mystískaos on vocals.

CD limited to 150 copies.

Listen: NEGATIVA- "03"

MOON V - TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM / CHELMNO / NEAR / LORN "From the Ancient Dolomitic Forests" Digipak CD

Repress of the long sold out split between Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Chelmno, Near & Lorn with remastered sound.

4 exclusive tracks of cold Black Metal to celebrate the North-East Italian Black Metal Scene!

Digipak CD limited to 150 copies.

Listen: TIP/CHELMNO/NEAR/LORN- "From the Ancient Dolomitic Forests"

MOON IV - LAMPIR "The Alchemy of Cursed Blood" CD

First album from this US Raw Black Metal band connected to Perverse Homage. 7 curses to spread greater pestilence and torment...

CD in regular jewel case with 4-pages booklet. Limited to 150 copies.

Listen: LAMPIR- "Sixth Revelation of Depravity"

MOON III - KROLOK "At the End of a New Age" CD

EP re-release including 2 bonus tracks from split w/Temnohor. Atmospheric and intricate black metal in the 90's tradition with a raw edge.

CD in regular jewel case with 8-pages booklet. Limited to 300 copies.

Listen: KROLOK- "At the End of a New Age"

MOON II - CANTOS DE MUERTE "Las Voces Perdidas" Digipak CD

CANTOS DE MUERTE`s debut album. Eleven tracks where Dark Ambient, Acoustic Folk and Black Metal merge into one to create a trascendental and thoughtful course towards the inevitable path of death.

CD in 3-panel digipak.

Listen: CANTOS DE MUERTE- "Las Voces Perdidas"


An alliance between Bulturnos and Yersinia Pestis, that after some demo stuff, presents here a total of six tracks. Music and words of both bands reflects the weight of the passage of time, with an acre taste of nostalgia remembering that the past is, and always will be, alive.

CD in regular jewel case with 12-pages booklet.

Listen: BULTURNOS- "A Mia Tierra d'o Ixuplido"