Available releases:


CD version of the split previously released on vinyl by Death Hymns.

Raw Black Metal from Canada & USA with strong vibes from the 90s.


MOON XX - VELO MISERE "Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío" Digipak CDLAST COPIES

Featuring current and former members of such elite Spanish hordes as Aversio Humanitatis and Primigenium, VELO MISERE is a conglomeration of ancient energies and uncompromising arrogance. The band released their first demo in 2017 and then an EP the following year, but Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío marks VELO MISERE’s first full-length strike.

Totaling seven songs across 39 minutes, Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío sparkles into being with shimmering hysteria and ethereal dread. VELO MISERE undeniably sound like an actual band here, playing with a passion and possession that’s palpably physical, and yet they equally sound like conduits for sine-waves of grim splendor and medieval misery; more often than not, sensations of levitation are invoked. Likewise, black metal is undeniably the medium for such, with much of its construction laid upon a foundation of late ‘90s-onward archetypes, but so sinuous and seamless is VELO MISERE’s craft that no specific era nor geography can be gleaned with ease; it could be 1998 or 2018 for all we know, only that utter immersion is guaranteed.

Ghouls, ghosts, and garish perversions of the night all crawl from these dungeons… VELO MISERE carry the torch and lead you onward into Monomanía del Inexorable Vacío.


MOON IV - LAMPIR "The Alchemy of Cursed Blood" CD (REPRESS)LAST COPIES

Raw Black Metal from the Us.

First album available on CD again.

LAMPIR- "Sixth Revelation of Depravity

Sold out releases:

MOON XXI - AVERSIO HUMANITATIS "Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX" Digipak CD + Woven Patch

Since their formation in 2010, Spain's AVERSIO HUMANITATIS have patiently perfected their craft over the course of their Abandonment Ritual debut LP in 2011, successive splits in 2015 and 2017, and an EP in 2017, all before the breakout release of their second album, Behold the Silent Dwellers, in 2020. By then, their shadowy, shapeshifting black metal had reached a fever pitch of sound and vision, all unified for one massive & malevolent purpose.

As the cursed year of 2020 rolled on, AVERSIO HUMANITATIS never had an opportunity to make flesh these creations from Behold the Silent Dwellers. Taking to a virtual stage of sorts, the now-quartet recorded an extensive live set and released it via their own Bandcamp. Suitably titled Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX, this nine-song/54-minute performance is a titanic work in itself, vividly recasting that then-new studio album in an illuminating new light. Each of these engrossing tracks is threaded together like their live set would be, but almost creating another totality altogether - density, atmosphere, and soul-shredding physicality all in perfect (dis)harmony. Thus, Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX is equally recommended for adepts of AVERSIO HUMANITATIS and neophytes alike; this work stands alone and as complement.

As shadow realities are refracted back to a no-less-horrifying present as 2021 trudges toward a conclusion, LUNAR APPARITIONS hereby delivers AVERSIO HUMANITATIS' Silent Dwellers - Live MMXX in a physical edition...before the next plague rears its head.



Raw & Sinister Black Metal from France, part of the Garde Noire circle.

Garde Noire is a prolific and interesting occult French circle, taking inspiration from the legendary LLN and Portuguese Black Metal circles, conjuring raw and tormented music in the styles of Raw Black Metal, Noise and Dark Ambient.

Digipak CD limited to 100 copies.



Compilation feat. tracks from most projects of the Garde Noire collective.

A prolific and interesting occult french circle, taking inspiration from the legendary LLN and portuguese Black Metal circles, conjuring raw and tormented music in the styles of Raw Black Metal, Noise and Dark Ambient.

Features: Nözaakr, Mürmurio, Morteharas, Mörmbrztröm, Atrium Malum, Mörmoo, Vzörbrëzv, Concordia Diaboli & Sräthr Kraïhuas.


MOON XVIII - DAI-ICHI / LAMP OF MURMUUR "Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror" Digipak CD

Though similar sides of the proverbial coin, the duo of the obscure dai-ichi and equally mysterious Lamp of Murmuur, present distant ends of the ever-expanding raw black metal spectrum on the impending Virgin Womb of Eternal Black Terror.

From parts unknown (though aesthetics point to Japan), dai-ichi's brand of harsh, uncompromising black metal presents itself in a minimal, bludgeoning manner. Riffs are king here and ideas flow out one after another in disjointed bliss. You don’t need to think when listening to dai-ichi. Their expressionistic dynamic is pure lizard-brain, gut-punching mania. Given the band’s stance on not providing any statements, one must wonder what this band’s process is, or at least how they maintain control over their uninhibited music with such relaxed mastery. Should black metal have a personality, dai-ichi would undoubtedly be the id: unbridled and animalistic.

Lamp of Murmuur’s take on black metal activates a different part of the brain. Though just as ferocious as his split partners, Lamp of Murmuur offers something more complex; a perfect foil to dai-ichi’s unrestrained anger. Though Lamp of Murmuur’s chops are undeniable and previously presented on previous releases, it is incredible to see the level of musicianship found within. The mysterious M. has previously lifted the veil on his process, the fact that this music is partially improvised (or at least “automatic”) makes the lore built around this project all the more compelling. Listen to a pre-release stream of Lamp of Murmuur’s "Curse of Silent Thunder" from their split with dai-ichi below.

Though both are examples of raw black metal, the dai-ichi and Lamp of Murmuur split offers a multifaceted view of this increasingly popular style. Through dai-ichi’s controlled-but-manic pummel and Lamp of Murmuur’s honed improvisation and careful construction raw black metal reveals its many, varying faces.

Text by The Call of the Night - http://thecallofthenight.com/

Co-released with Bile Noire.

DAI-ICHI - "Pesuto No Jidai No Ai"
LAMP OF MURMUUR - "Curse Of Silent Thunder"

MOON XVII - V/A - Devastators of the Suns (A Tribute to KATHARSIS) Digipak CD

<Compilation of eleven tracks covering the works of the German Black Metal masters Katharsis.

Features LVTHN, Nexul, Shrine of Insanabilis, The Order of Apollyon, Velo Misere, Black Fucking Cancer, Délirant, Balmog, The Reptilian Session, Veter Daemonaz and Acedia Mundi.

Limited edition on Digipak CD. Co-released with Bile Noire.


MOON XVI - BORDA'S ROPE "Monument to the Fading Tides" CD

Demo compilation including "Across the Black Deltaruin", "Roan's Fury Amid Shimmering Tides", "The Lavronic Stone Beneath" and the tracks from the split w/ Geheimnisvoll.

BORDA'S ROPE - "Monument to the Fading Tides"

MOON XV - LAMPIR "Awaiting the Predatory Dreamscape" CD

Raw Black Metal.

CD version of the new album previously released on vinyl by Altare Prod.

Listen: LAMPIR - "The Final Mask of Time"

MOON XIV - BAŠMU "VVitchblood" CD

Bašmu is the sole domain of the mysterious Xülthys, who's also insanely prolific across other such projects as Flešš - with whom LUNAR APPARITIONS reissued their debut album and demo on separate A5 digipack editions last year - Chaoist, Drenglyndr, and Girtablullû. Although all but Chaoist are some iteration of black metal, with Bašmu does Xülthys explore the shimmering shadowself of the most rotten, mildewed depths of the ancient '90s black metal underground - back when traditional witchcraft, vampirism, blood rites, self-hatred, and generally antisocial behavior were all mandatory. Taken another way, if Flešš is comparable to Belkètre, then Bašmu most definitely would be comparable to Moëvöt.

Indeed, it's not uncharitable to liken Xülthys to the works of Vordb Dréagvor Uèzréèvb, the insanely prolific deviant of France's infamous Black Legions. As such, Bašmu mines equally chilling - and equally stratifying - territory, travelling from dungeonic violence up above to lost-in-the-forest ambience. Originally released in 2017 but only on cassette tape, VVitchblood arguably plunged deepest into this treacherous terrain and most definitely with the most unorthodoxy. Undeniably raw, there exists a concertedly detailed soundfield utilizing, paradoxically, the sparsest palette. Each note is where it needs to be, hovering and anguished and unearthly, and others comes in when ready and melt into further reverberations. Xülthys spares no weapon in his quest for medieval ruination and rancor; FX pedals are applied liberally to guitars and vocals, malforming both into new (and more horrifying) manifestations, while the synth/organ work here will unnerve even the steeliest of constitutions. VVitchblood undoubtedly bears strong resemblance to black metal "back in the day," but its atonal 'n' atagonistic aspect puts it into a realm all its own...and one perpendicular (rather than parallel) to other nowadays raw black metal.

Bašmu is Xülthys's muse alone, and we can only guess at what haunts his soul. Lunar Apparitions is honored to resurrect VVitchblood from those dungeonic depths and ruin your day with its long-overdue CD release.

CD limited to 150 copies.

Listen: BAŠMU - "The Crooked Wand of the Ophidian Craft"

MOON XIII - MALUS VOTUM "Tradition" Digipak CD

Hailing from the United States, MALUS VOTUM are an otherwise-new entity whose two primary members hold a wealth of musical experience in the metal underground. While both drummer/bassist/vocalist Grond Nefarious and guitarist/vocalist Goatlord have played in Portland's Panzergod at various times (Grond Nefarious also plays in Death Fetishist and previously played in Blut der Nacht), MALUS VOTUM is the first time the duo have joined together in a blood pact to create the purest black metal possible. Fittingly, the band's debut album is titled Tradition.

Whereas so much nowadays USBM tends toward either bestial or "post" iterations - one unremittingly savage (and sometimes overly so), the other impure or at least betraying black metal's ancient aims - MALUS VOTUM effortlessly create a windswept mysticism that's pure second-wave classicism at its very best. To enter the four-song/34-minute Tradition is to enter a snow-covered forest, a lonely castle keep, and foggy seascape alike, so evocatively ethereal is their atmospheric surge. Likewise, the duo's cascading melodicism betrays no small amount of darkness and drama, their execution as passionate as it is possessed; each engaging moment of Tradition is truly played by actual humans rather than crap drum-machines and too many FX pedals. But, like the very best black metal, MALUS VOTUM transcend the physical, the corporeal, the earthly, and turn their gaze to the cosmos and the Beyond: Tradition thus seeks an experience of spiritual/metaphysical means.

MALUS VOTUM offer you the keys to their cosmic creations and times - will you unlock this Tradition?

Limited to 100 copies.

Listen: MALUS VOTUM - "Tradition"


Released earlier this year on 10" vinyl format, this special split release brings together two elite hordes from the fast-rising Danish black metal underground, from the cabal-like Afgrundsvisioner group of activists. Within the two exclusive (and EPIC) tracks here, you will find frivolous and strident black metal: eternal obeisance to the genre's primordial powers, but unchained to run rampant, wild, and free through such strictured conservatism. AIWĪGAZ UNÐERGANGAZ are up first and unload a gnarled, ten-minute torrent of gutted, abyssward frequencies, somehow floating and ethereal despite their literally unreal heft. MÚSPELLZHEIMR are second and counter with a shimmering hysteria nine minutes in length, murderous in its lust but cryogenic its contours, reimagining classically Nordic paradigms with the effervescence that has marked their enviously rich catalog since their first demo in 2014. The past is alive, and it's very much PRESENT here!

Digipak limited to 150 copies.


MOON XI - MÚSPELLZHEIMR "Hyldest Til Trolddommens Flamme/Demo Compilation" 2CD

Just as its title suggests, this double-disc set collects "Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme", the band's debut album from 2015 and out of print on all formats, as well as the previously digital-only Demo Compilation, making for a staggering display of elite black metal mysticism.

MÚSPELLZHEIMR are the new, blurred-out face of Denmark's fast-rising black metal scene. Only the purest and most traditional black metal is utilized within this idiom; however, the band's vision - and those of their close comrades - is boundless, thus making the "old" new and vice versa, like the ouroboros forever devouring its tail. MÚSPELLZHEIMR's majestic, mystical black metal is much like that: starkly vast, circular, hypnotic, buried deeply in the abyss, both in the physical and spiritual senses.

Originally released in 2015, "Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme" was MÚSPELLZHEIMR's bolt-from-the-blue full-length debut, a veritable Ground Zero for this exciting development within black metal's deepest underground (and which largely revolves around the Afgrundsvisioner nebula of predominantly Danish and Swedish artists). Immediately instilling austerity and iciness but soon burning hot with a passion and poignancy that's blanching to behold, "Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme" is a dizzying yet feverishly melodic rumination on the mysteries of nature and the beyond. Its frequent detours into placid, acoustic-led territory is forever haunting, as well as the band's overall grasp of dynamics: truly, this is the work of actual humans who play as a band rather than the sterile cut 'n' paste (or worse) of so much nowadays "black metal"; paradoxically, this decidedly "un-human" human touch is refreshingly life-affirming whilst losing none of black metal's core misanthropy. At 42 time-evaporating minutes, the album hovers and then smothers - truly, an experience that eternally etched MÚSPELLZHEIMR's name into modern legendry.

Released earlier this year by Afgrundsvisioner but only digitally, the equally lengthy "Demo Compilation" includes three incrementally rawer iterations of "Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme" tracks as well as two raw iterations from MÚSPELLZHEIMR's third album, "Raukn". Fervent fans from the beginning, LUNAR APPARITIONS is honored to bring together these two works on 2CD format, giving a timely glimpse into past, present, and future.

Double CD co-released with Amor Fati.

Listen: MÜSPELLZHEIMR - "Hyldest til Trolddommens Flamme / Demo Compilation"

MOON X - FLEŠŠ "Frenzied Bloodlust Underneath a Black Moon" A5 Digipak CD

FLEŠŠ is the sole domain of the mysterious One Entity, who's also insanely prolific across other such projects as Bašmu, Chaoist, Drenglyndr, and Girtablullû. Although all but Chaoist are some iteration of black metal, with FLEŠŠ does One Entity explore the most rotten, mildewed depths of the ancient '90s black metal underground - back when traditional witchcraft, vampirism, blood rites, self-hatred, and generally antisocial behavior were all mandatory.

Following the 2017 release of its debut demo, "Volume I", did FLEŠŠ unleash the staggering debut album, "Frenzied Bloodlust Underneath a Black Moon", on limited cassette and then vinyl. While its influences remain intact - namely the French Black Legions, but also Countess, Yamatu, Stíny Plamenů, and especially early Black Funeral - here One Entity malforms that foul foundation further, slashing at its desiccated skin in an almost improvisational manner. To say these two, double-digit tracks are "tense" and "unsettling" is an understatement of grand proportions.

Primitive, pissed off, proudly underground: FLEŠŠ "Frenzied Bloodlust Underneath a Black Moon" now receives rightful royal treatment on paradoxical digipack CD format. Anti-you fliers are in the mail...

Limited to 100 copies.

Listen: FLEŠŠ - "Vampyric Drain Through Hypnotic Force (extract)"

MOON IX - FLEŠŠ "Vol. I" A5 Digipak CD

FLEŠŠ is the sole domain of the mysterious One Entity, who's also insanely prolific across other such projects as Bašmu, Chaoist, Drenglyndr, and Girtablullû. Although all but Chaoist are some iteration of black metal, with FLEŠŠ does One Entity explore the most rotten, mildewed depths of the ancient '90s black metal underground - back when traditional witchcraft, vampirism, blood rites, self-hatred, and generally antisocial behavior were all mandatory.

Originally self-released in 2017 on cassette in a mere 13 copies but finding successive tape editions thereafter, "Volume I" introduced the FLEŠŠ aesthetic with no shortage of arrogance and aggression. The spectre of the French Black Legions looms large here, as does such too-often-forgotten cults as Countess, Yamatu, Stíny Plamenů, and especially early Black Funeral, but One Entity malforms that foul foundation to his own, utterly unorthodox design.

Primitive, pissed off, proudly underground: FLEŠŠ "Volume" I now receives rightful royal treatment on paradoxical digipack CD format. Anti-you fliers are in the mail...

Limited to 100 copies.

Listen: FLEŠŠ - "Raped On The Altar""


PRIMOGENORUM was spawned in the morbid pits of Ukraine in 2008, from the sick mind of Lucifug. Always using the purest/purist foundation of black metal as an instrument of unhumanity and spiritual perdition, under the PRIMOGENORUM banner has Lucifug released two full-lengths as well as several demos and splits during these dark years.

Now, 10 years after the first demo, the circle is complete with Ye Last Ordeal, which will indeed be the last opus of the band. Everything has been said; you only should have listened. Rotten and ruinous to the very last note, to the last slit of the listener's throat, this is the forlorn final chapter upon the path of PRIMOGENORUM: diseased, desiccated, sickness of the mind, body, and soul, all-caps BLACK METAL to the bitter, lonely end. See you in Hell! Adalord Satan Haegl!

Listen: PRIMOGENORUM- "On the Ground of the Dying Man"

MOON VII - ANDEIS "Servants of the Cold Night" CD

A magnificent opus of timeless Black Metal with hallucinating passages and a haunting atmosphere. Includes lyrics written in the ancient Gothic language.

CD limited to 150 copies. Co-released with Esfinge de la Calavera.

Listen: ANDEIS- "Servants of the Cold Night"


New album containing 6 tracks of total dehumanization and disintegration of the I, through the unquenchable adoration of the void

Featuring H.V of Wormlust/Mystískaos on vocals.

CD limited to 150 copies.

Listen: NEGATIVA- "03"

MOON V - TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM / CHELMNO / NEAR / LORN "From the Ancient Dolomitic Forests" Digipak CD

Repress of the long sold out split between Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Chelmno, Near & Lorn with remastered sound.

4 exclusive tracks of cold Black Metal to celebrate the North-East Italian Black Metal Scene!

Digipak CD limited to 150 copies.

Listen: TIP/CHELMNO/NEAR/LORN- "From the Ancient Dolomitic Forests"

MOON III - KROLOK "At the End of a New Age" CD

EP re-release including 2 bonus tracks from split w/Temnohor. Atmospheric and intricate black metal in the 90's tradition with a raw edge.

CD in regular jewel case with 8-pages booklet. Limited to 300 copies.

Listen: KROLOK- "At the End of a New Age"

MOON II - CANTOS DE MUERTE "Las Voces Perdidas" Digipak CD

CANTOS DE MUERTE`s debut album. Eleven tracks where Dark Ambient, Acoustic Folk and Black Metal merge into one to create a trascendental and thoughtful course towards the inevitable path of death.

CD in 3-panel digipak.

Listen: CANTOS DE MUERTE- "Las Voces Perdidas"


An alliance between Bulturnos and Yersinia Pestis, that after some demo stuff, presents here a total of six tracks. Music and words of both bands reflects the weight of the passage of time, with an acre taste of nostalgia remembering that the past is, and always will be, alive.

CD in regular jewel case with 12-pages booklet.

Listen: BULTURNOS- "A Mia Tierra d'o Ixuplido"
Listen: YERSINIA PESTIS- "The Ruins of Men that Were"